Foothill Parkway Extension

Open to the Public November 21 2016

foothill-pic-bestProject Overview:

The City of Corona has initiated the extension of Foothill Parkway, a project that has been anticipated since the 1980s.

Foothill Parkway currently extends approximately five miles in south Corona to Trudy Way. This project will construct two miles of new roadway from Trudy Way to Paseo Grande at Green River Road, connecting Sierra del Oro to south Corona and providing traffic congestion relief to existing east-west City roads, including Ontario Avenue and 6th Street. Connections to the new section of Foothill Parkway from both Border Avenue and Mangular Avenue, via Chase Drive, are also part of the overall project.


The two-mile extension traverses between Trudy Way to Paseo Grande at Green River along the northern boundary of the Cleveland National Forest. The alignment passes through portions of the Municipal Water District (MWD) Lower Feeder Easement and Mabey Canyon Debris Basin. The adjusted alignment concept was developed with the goal of minimizing impacts to existing development and environmental resources and avoiding encroachments into the Cleveland National Forest.

Overall Project Will:

  • Construct approximately two miles of new road.
  • Move approximately 2.4 million yards of soil.
  • Construct a 4-lane roadway with curb, gutter, a raised median, a multipurpose trail, sidewalks, landscaping, a bridge, street lights and three traffic signals.
  • Construct traffic signals at the following locations:
    • Border Avenue;
    • Mangular Avenue/Chase Drive;
    • Paseo Grande and Green River Road.

Project Map:

Project History:

The extension of Foothill Parkway has been planned since the mid-1980s when it was included in the Sierra Del Oro General Plan Amendment.

Click here for the original roadway alignment.

Click here for the proposed roadway alignment.