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Yorba Linda is the Place to Live!

Yorba Linda is best known as a residential community of single-family homes on large lots. The population is over 68,000. There are currently about 20,700 housing units in Yorba Linda with prices ranging from the high $300,000 to over $1.5 million.  Yorba Linda also has over 100 miles of equestrian trails throughout the community. Yorba Linda Homes For Sale

All public schools in the community are under the jurisdiction of the Placentia – Yorba Linda Unified School District (PLYUSD). Parents in the PLYUSD are rightfully proud of the seven elementary schools and three middle schools, and are eagerly anticipating the completion of a new high school. Nearly every year, Yorba Linda students place near the top of Orange County schools in standardized academic achievement tests. Yorba Linda Homes For Sale

The number of Yorba Linda children participating each year in organized youth sports is impressive; the City maintains 135 acres of sports fields and 30,000 square feet of gymnasium space for activities including Little League baseball, girl’s softball, Pop Warner football, soccer and junior basketball. Yorba Linda Homes For Sale


The name Yorba dates as far back as 1769 when Jose Yorba was part of a Spanish expedition exploring the area now known as Orange County. In 1809, Jose Yorba petitioned the King of Spain for a land grant and was awarded 62,000 acres of land which came to be known as Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana. Yorba Linda Homes For Sale

Yorba Linda Homes For Sale

Yorba Linda Homes For Sale

Bernardo Yorba’s Hacidena, built in 1834 Larger View

Nearly a century later, (1907), Jacob Stern, a Fullerton resident and owner of portions of the former Yorba lands, sold a large area to the Janss Corporation. The Janss Corporation subdivided this property and named the new town “Yorba Linda”. “Yorba” after the early land grant family and “Linda” meaning pretty in Spanish. The Janss Corporation began selling its Yorba Linda subdivisions emphasizing its agricultural potential and offering parcels of land for $150 an acre. Yorba Linda Homes For Sale

Yorba Linda Homes For Sale

Yorba Linda Homes For Sale

Janss Corporation Poster Larger View

Early residents came to Yorba Linda with the intent of operating small farms. These families came between 1910 and 1920 and constructed numerous ranch houses, and planted citrus groves; Yorba Linda began as a community of hard-working citizens. The construction of the Pacific Electric Railroad line between Yorba Linda and Los Angeles established an important transportation link; Yorba Linda growers could now easily get their produce to a major produce market. Soon after, two packing houses were built adjacent to the railroad station and the center of the community had begun. Yorba Linda Homes For Sale

Yorba Linda Homes For Sale

Yorba Linda Homes For Sale

A View of Olinda Street, Circa 1920 Larger View

During the twenties, Yorba Linda continued to grow and prosper while agriculture remained the mainstay of the local economy. Several new commercial structures were built on Main Street but the overall character of the town remained primarily agricultural. The Depression of the 1930’s brought an economic slowdown to Yorba Linda, but the population remained stable. The citizens of Yorba Linda weathered the economic hardship with its agricultural economy remaining productive. Yorba Linda Homes For Sale

main2Main Street in the 1930’s Larger View

During the post World War II era, Yorba Linda retained its small town character. It was not until the 1960’s that Yorba Linda began experiencing the tremendous population growth which the rest of Orange County had been experiencing for the previous two decades. Yorba Linda, once a small agricultural community of approximately 4,000 people, began its transformation into a modern community with incorporation occurring in 1967. Yorba Linda Homes For Sale

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